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Shark, whale and dolphin at the Duna Arena

The sculptures of aquatic animals symbolizing different sports of the water world championships have been inaugurated. The sculptures were made by Gábor Miklós Szőke, one of the most renowned contemporary artists in Hungary. The basic concept of the campaign of the 17th FINA World Championships was to present the six water sports of the program […]

On two wheels to the Duna Arena

The Duna Arena, which is the main venue for the FINA World Championships, is easily accessible from all directions by bicycle, thanks to the newly developed bicycle routes, among others. When you go to a sports event, why not do some physical exercise on the go? If you think the same way or bicycle is […]

Accessibility in the Arena

One of the central venues of the Budapest water World Championships, the Duna Arena, pays special attention that disabled spectators and fans can enjoy this sporting event. In addition, organizers offer them a special online ticket purchase opportunity. The Budapest2017 Nonprofit Ltd. organizing and conducting the World Championships has always found important to secure equal […]

World famous senior athletes race in the Duna Arena in August

The FINA world championship will end at the end of july but spectators will not be left without superstars and thrills: between 7th and 20th of august will the FINA Masters World Championship take place, the elder athletes will take over the world championship facilities including the Duna Arena. Although everyone is focusing on the […]

Hungary’s first golden swimmers: Alfréd Hajós

The architect, who swam for his life: Arnold Guttmann, the Hungarian dolphin, the sportsman, the journalist, the architect – he was the pioneer who was remembered of the name of Alfréd Hajós. “ I did not even notice that the anchored rope bruised my chest, and that the ever increasing noise of the spectators was […]

Duna Aréna: amazing debut, great success

The key venue of the 17th FINA World Championships have debuted internationally by hosting one of the highest attended LEN Champions League Final Six of all times. The event itself as well as the impressive facility achieved great success among the audience, national and international guests, fans and athletes alike. „This swimming stadium is awesome […]

The Duna Arena to host the greatest water polo players of Europe

The Final Six of LEN Champions League will take place in the Duna Arena between 25 and 27 May. Top men’s water polo players fight for victory on the continent in a traditional six-group tournament. The tournament will be the first international event held in the Duna Arena, venue of the swimming and diving events […]

Modern, innovative water disinfection system in Duna Arena

State of the art water disinfection system to debut at the world championships hosted by Hungary Budapest, April 4, 2017. – The implementation of an efficient, environmentally sound and safe water disinfection system (manufactured by a Hungarian firm) began in Duna Arena, hosting the upcoming 17th FINA World Championships from July 14th. This innovative disinfection […]