On two wheels to the Duna Arena

The Duna Arena, which is the main venue for the FINA World Championships, is easily accessible from all directions by bicycle, thanks to the newly developed bicycle routes, among others.

When you go to a sports event, why not do some physical exercise on the go? If you think the same way or bicycle is simply your everyday vehicle, no need to give it up when you come to the Duna Arena. This building on the bank of the Danube can now also be reached by bike from the South on the 1150 meter long bicycle route of the Moszkva promenade, which has just been built. On this part of the bank a separated pedestrian and cycling path has been developed, that connects beneath Árpád Bridge to the existing, not separated pedestrian and bicycle path and to the bicycle path built under the Dagály project. In the South at the Dráva street junction the cyclists can access the upper quay and Dráva street to the existing bicycle paths.

From the North, the easiest way to approach the Duna Arena is to use the bicycle path next to Váci Road. You can also join it from Római part through Népsziget. From the East, bikers should use the bicycle path along Rákos-patak, which you can reach from Zugló, Újpalota or even Cinkota. From the West the Duna Arena can be reached via Árpád Bridge. There are several bicycle paths joining here, such as the ones from Aquincum or Pasarét or the Buda quay.

Those arriving on two wheels can use the 480-seat bicycle storage for free. And if you do not have your own bicycle, you can also come by the community bikes of Mol BuBi, as a new base point has been set up at the Duna Arena, so bicycles can be left or picked up there, as well.