Water World Championships – 1500 parking places around the Duna Arena

You do not have to worry about parking if you come by car to the FINA World Championships’ diving or swimming competitions in the Duna Arena.

The parking area built at the Duna Plaza can accommodate up to 700 cars, where the service can be used only with a ticket to the world championships, so those who did not come to the competition, cannot take the parking places. Those who leave their car there, can easily reach the nearby Duna Arena with scheduled bus services. In addition, media workers and employees have 330, VIP guests have 450 parking places.

There is also a parking lot at the Müpa and the Műegyetem quay, which can be used free of charge throughout the day by viewers with a valid ticket, and they can also travel to the competitions by free scheduled ship services.

The Bp2017 World Championships Organizing and Managing Nonprofit Ltd.’s Operations and Logistics Manager announced that besides the above, 480 free bicycle storage facilities and the Mol BuBi (Budapest Bicycle) system were also developed, so that it will have a base point at the Duna Arena, too, and you can leave or pick up your community bikes there, as well.