Accessibility in the Arena

One of the central venues of the Budapest water World Championships, the Duna Arena, pays special attention that disabled spectators and fans can enjoy this sporting event. In addition, organizers offer them a special online ticket purchase opportunity.

The Budapest2017 Nonprofit Ltd. organizing and conducting the World Championships has always found important to secure equal opportunities in the competition venues and in the fan centers, too. With this in mind, in the Danube Arena there are barrier-free, spacious areas, washbasins, safe parking spaces, easy-to-use, ’sound’ lifts for the visually impaired and other disabled fans and their assistants. The newest swimming complex of Hungary has been designed to meet the conditions under which special competitions can also be organized, and disabled pool users and spectators can fully enjoy the opportunities offered by the Duna Arena.

To this end, the consultation with the professional background institution of the disabled of the Budapest organization, the Universal Planning Information and Research Center, was already arranged at the planning table. This co-operation continued during the implementation until the recent on-site visit. Gergely Szilvágyi, the Ambassador of Equal Opportunities, who has been in a wheelchair all his life, also commented on the full accessibility of the Duna Arena, about which he had already been convinced in an earlier on-site visit. The Ambassador of Equal Opportunities welcomed the chance of buying special tickets for the disabled, as well.

According to the Council of Disabled People’s Organizations (FESZT), wheelchair users can buy tickets not only at official ticketing venues but also online. To do so, they have to register at the e-mail address and they will receive their tickets electronically.