World famous senior athletes race in the Duna Arena in August

The FINA world championship will end at the end of july but spectators will not be left without superstars and thrills: between 7th and 20th of august will the FINA Masters World Championship take place, the elder athletes will take over the world championship facilities including the Duna Arena.

Although everyone is focusing on the world championships which sets off on the 14th of july, let us not forget about the the other important event of FINA where athletes over 25 (over 30 in water polo) will compete. And there are a considerable number of them. Besides the hobby athletes there are numerous former Olympic, world, and European champion swimmers, divers, water polo players and synchronised swimmers will compete in the Masters category. According to the organisers’ estimations this event could host the most participants of all time. To date there are over 10,000 participants of which 8700 sportsman and woman form 87 countries with 18500 entries to events. If estimations are correct the 2017 Master Word Championship in Budapest and Balatonfüred could surpass the 2012 record set in Riccione, Italy where there were 12,671 participants.

There will be a high headcount and very dense schedule in the Duna Arena, because there are 5,500 participants already confirmed to take part in swimming events. There are over 1200 registered in the 50 meter man freestyle swimming alone and hundreds more in other events. Swimming races will be held in the Duna Arena and in the Alfréd Hajós National Swimming Stadium.

The FINA Masters World Championship in not only held for awarding sport performance but to popularise life-long sport, for this reason entry to both the Budapest and Balatonfüred events will be free.