Duna Arena asks, participants of the FINA world aquatics championship answer

Boglárka Kapás, one of the most promising Hungarian competitor is still in great shape since she took home a bronze from The Rio Olympics. She prepares for the world championship by training in the Duna Arena, let’s find out why it is going to be a special event for her.

What are your expectations for the FINA world championship which sets off in July?

I have a great feeling about the world championship. I am glad that I can experience such a monumental event among my family, friends and in front of a Hungarian crowd in Budapest, that makes it special for me. I hope I can get through the every event with the same faith and calmness as I did last year and in Rio. The goal is the same: to get the maximum out of myself and fight on every centimetre in the pool.

How will you prepare for the race in the upcoming weeks?

Everything goes according to plan: training camp and an Italian race, the Sette Colli.

What is the difference between competing here at home and elsewhere?

An international competition that takes place here in Hungary is always close to my heart, I do not think that I have to explain why the home crowd has an uplifting effect on me. It obviously motivates me, even now thinking of competing in front of so many Hungarian fans I know it is going to be a fantastic experience.

How do you find the Duna Arena where the event takes place?

When I am in Budapest, I am constantly train in the Duna Arena. For now, I only use the warm up pool, as I would like to leave the main pool as a novelty for the world championship. The atmosphere of the place is wonderful, the grandstand is massive, it is a pleasant feeling to be there.

What is the main advantage of the Duna Arena, what do you like the most?

The main pool is very spacious it will certainly create a great atmosphere on the race. Furthermore, there is a 10 track warm up pool with a diver pool, and a beautiful, huge jacuzzi, which is a very unique part of the whole complex.

Photo: BES